19 June 2012

One Amazing Day

We have been in a constant pull between the amazing accomplishments and the walls that we still need to push through.
 Everyday seems harder than the last and somehow easier. Can I muster the strength today? Is a question I dare not ask myself because that would mean seeing that there is no way I can possibly do it all. I say thank you a thousand times a day.

 We have some amazing people supporting us, though there are areas where I see I really need more or just a different kind. This little soul has so many lessons to teach me, so many ways to expand my heart. I am blessed.

 Everyday there is so much more to learn. Can I push the boundaries, can I find a way, what needs to be done now, what does he need now, will we ever make it and how will we ever know if we have.

 How is he going to live in a world where people are so unkind to each other. Where it is only the few who see that we are all connected, we are all the same even when it seems on the surface we are very different. 

My Amazing little guy strayed away from the group on his kindy excursion to the Adelaide fire station and got some very special treatment. They were the most amazing guys looking out for Luke and making special accommodations for him. About 30 seconds after this last photo was taken the fireman had to get Luke out of  there pretty quick smart because he was off on an emergency, very exciting!!


Ali said...

I'm struggling to find words to express my feelings about your post. Inspirational is a good start. Believe you are doing a good job (because clearly you are) and with your guidance your beautiful boy will find his place in this world. I hope that together you will discover that those who matter care and the others, well they'll still be there, but hopefully their words and deeds won't touch you. I love the story your pictures tell :)

Julie said...

I'm a bit late in reading your post Amie but like Ali, I too am struggling to get my words down.
I believe that special kids are given to special parents for a reason and you Amie, are a very special parent. I know that you will give your little man all the love, support and guidance he needs to find his place in this world and you will both be richer for it.
Wishing you and your family all the best for the journey ahead. xx