4 July 2012

An Update

Over the past month of the school term it felt like we were running a marathon at a sprint pace.We had appointment after appointment and just trying to fit in the usual weekly and daily tasks was becoming nearly impossible.  We have been forced to come to a grinding halt, Blake became sick after coming home from camp and one by one we also  became sick.A slow pace has definitely been set for the holidays and I am nearly feeling well enough to start to enjoy it.

Also over the past month we have had some little fairies running around doing some sprinkling and we have managed to sprinkle about 60 sprinklings of fairy dust! There will be photos coming. Have you found one??? We are yet to have any news of anybody finding these packs but I am sure that they have bought a smile to some faces! If you have found one PLEASE let us know!!!!


Nell said...

Oh no! Must just be the time for it. We've all come down with the bug so lots of lazy days at home here too!

Sami said...

Hope your and your family have recovered from the bug. Also to let you know I´m back home in Perth - re the fairy dust challenge.

Sami said...
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