9 January 2013


(Blogger wont let me upload any photos from my camera at the moment so these are photos from my phone)

Nourish : to supply what is necessary or life, health and growth.
to cherish, foster, keep alive.
to strengthen build up or promote.

I am breaking down my word,  Nourish  into different areas that I really want to focus on this year, they will most probably be the types of things that I share here throughout the year. I am putting it all out there the good, the bad and the crazy ;)
(on my craft table today)
 Mind: I was bought up with a lot of negative crap, guilt and worry ( I think I have talked about this here before) Its no ones fault but I never realised there was another way to think. I have found that I need to soak my mind in a bath of positive thinking the kind that really repairs and heals. For some of you this might be a little weird but positive affirmations have really helped to change the limiting beliefs that I have about myself. I really need to change the way that I think about myself! This is a fantastic way to nourish your mind and something that I will be working on this year.
(a little scrapping I did while Paul was in the US)
 Body: This breaks down into 3 areas-
 Food: Over the last year I quit sugar and wheat and finally stopped feeling crap everyday, I stopped having headaches everyday! My biggest problem is that I love cooking and I really haven't delved into wheat free sugar free cooking. What also threw a spanner in the works is that after a lot of trial and error we discovered that Luke is lactose and fructose intolerant. So we have eliminated a lot of things but I really would love to nourish my kitchen with new healthy wonderful ingredients.
Exercise: I really need to find something that I like doing! Simple as that. Time isn't going to be an issue so much now.
Touch: This might seem like a crazy area for some but a few years ago I read the book Love Languages and discovered that I am a physical touch person, over 2013 I realised that I have to stop relying on others to fulfill this need. Massage is a surefire way to get my body feeling 'right', Paul doesn't really like giving massages so I did begin to have some regular massage appointments. I don't know if I can afford it this year so there is going to have to be a lot of DIY ;)

(biscuits that we iced for Christmas)
Heart: This is really about packing more love into the realities of life. Doing more that makes me happy and doing more things with my boys that is simply fun.
Also would love to do more RAK and get the sprinkle packs going strong in 2013. I have finally updated them and will share them with you soon. Lets spread some Love and Kindness and bring a smile to homebody's face!!!!!
Also I am going to be doing some volunteer work this year. Helping others makes a Happy Heart.:)

(homemade paint the boys had fun with)
Home: I spend A LOT of time in my home as I am sure that many of you do too. It needs to be a place that nurtures not only my family but also me. I have lots of little projects that I want to do to make my home more nurturing and happy and just more complete.
One of my biggest goals this year is my garden. There is a lot of work to do out there and I really want to get it done!
 Making: This is the area I dream about the most. I never ever feel like I am doing enough making because making things is what I am really passionate about. I have always wanted to be able to make money from making. It has been a constant dream that has never really happened for me. So I am going to try again, somehow....
I also have a goal for 2013, I have some debt that I would like to pay of fast, it is totally achievable it I work at it. It is time to nourish my bank accounts!

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Awesome choice of word :) Still havnt decided on mine.